Free Real-World Intelligence

Give Your AI Real-Time Access to the Physical World

"...there is nothing that Grassland can’t track. People, cars, diseases; you name it, it can track it."

Joshua Gans - Professor, University of Toronto; author, Prediction Machines and The Pandemic Information Gap

Antifragile, Censorship-Resistant & P2P

Grassland's peer-to-peer computer vision software lets developers give their software an API for accessing real life environments regardless of economic, geographic or political barriers.

And it lets 3rd-party applications and smart contracts query, locate, and respond immediately to physical changes in tangible assets.

Decentralised Autonomous Intelligence

Each software client forms part of a decentralised AI that incentivizes its expansion across the globe by paying miners to reveal all the "dark" areas on its map of the world.

Like Bitcoin and Ethereum, no one owns or controls it and anyone can take part

Analytics for the Physical World

Get Real-Life Data for Your Apps & Smart Contracts

Real-Life Metrics

From warehouses to traffic intersections, Grassland reveals how environmental cues affect human decision making.

Apps like 'Analytics Beta' (pictured here) help retailers unlock new revenue with clear insights into the customer journey and conversions.

Real-Time Chain of Custody

The software client's queryable API provides information on the location, custody and transfer of all tangible assets across the map.

This tamper-resistant, digital history of assets and their environments is stored securely in Grassland's geospatial blockchain.

Block Reward

The block reward is split up among all the miners. The more miners there are, the smaller the slice of the "pie" that they each get.

Only 21 million coins will ever be mined.

Any Live Video Stream

From old cell phones and traffic cams to state of the art satellite feeds, the software is compatible with most digital video stream formats.

Trustless Intelligence Gathering

It'll always work the way it's supposed to whether or not the participants (individuals, companies, governments, etc.) trust or even know each other.

Cutting-edge Technology

A Geospatial Blockchain

  • The AI regulates and bankrolls its own expansion to produce a tamper-resistant history of the physical world
  • Its binary addresses are long enough to encode every object-event within 7.5 billion KM (the solar system) over its 400 year block reward schedule
  • Captures basic 3D features to prioritize real-time intelligence over photorealism (compression ratio of >2000:1 over the original video)
  • Clients are "localized"; computation and compression always scales with the network's size
  • Teaches itself the correct relationships between object-events regardless of human intervention

Grassland gains more intelligence from exposure to volatility and attacks than from anything else. Which allows your protocols to not just survive conditions that would destabilize other organizations but to thrive in them.

  • Cyberattacks confirm not just the area perpetrators want to censor but its price signal from the total computation they expend in any attack.
  • Environmental catastrophes show latent natural processes and emergency response systems.
  • And sociopolitical volatility reveals otherwise hidden geopolitical forces and methods.

This data helps nodes find optimal territory expansion strategies. They "wargame" together, peer-to-peer, through millions of outcomes to find the most cost effective deployment that provides complete situational awareness w.r.t. a building, street, neighbourhood, city, etc.

Grassland's distributed nature lets it systematically surround and outlast any opponents while it learns to predict their behaviour.

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