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Instant Smart Cities

Make your commercial real estate completely autonomous with decentralised computer vision

Turn billions of ordinary things into live digital twins with real-time video scanning software. A parallel universe for machines.

Any Digital Camera

From old cell phones to new satellite cameras, our software client is compatible with most digital video stream formats. No special hardware is required.

Worldwide Control

Write 'Policy as Code' and let your control systems autonomously manage the slightest visible change in any object, from the number of containers on a cargo ship in Montreal to the resting heart rates and gaze traces of dock supervisors in Shenzhen.

Real-World Smart Contract Oracle

Use Grassland as a scientifically and computationally verifiable source of truth for smart contracts. Ensuring that they execute according to their real-life terms and conditions regardless of time or distance*, with no need for a third-party intermediary.

(*Limited to a ~400 year timespan and only up to the outer range of the Kuiper belt)

Cutting-edge Technology

Analytics for thePhysical World

Our globally distributed database system generates binary addresses for indexing (sorting) every object-event from Earth to the Kuiper asteroid belt for every millisecond of the next ~400 years.

While its perception system teaches itself the correct relationships across all object-events regardless of human intervention—getting exponentially (ex) more intelligent with every new block.

And its API provides your machines with a cryptographically tamper-resistant history of its universe. Which lets them instantly jump across space and time. And shows them how to coordinate to solve impossible problems by simply emulating* the humans inside it.

(*The biological/cultural signals humans evolved/use for individual identity or tribe membership are ignored. It's useless, inefficient noise to a system that emulates how its humans solve problems from how they open doors and plug in power cords to how they organize themselves and their resources to achieve strategic, long-term goals. Since it experiences all their lives and all the lives of their possessions simultaneously.)

"...there is nothing that Grassland can’t track. People, cars, diseases; you name it, it can track it."

Joshua Gans - Professor, University of Toronto; author, Prediction Machines and The Pandemic Information Gap

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