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Instant Smart Cities

Digitize and track physical assets in real-time. Use analytics to understand human behaviour and unlock new revenue.

Any Digital Camera

From old cell phones and traffic cams to state of the art satellite feeds, our P2P software client is compatible with most digital video stream formats. No special hardware is required.

Worldwide Control

Write 'Policy as Code' and let your control systems automatically account for the slightest visible change in any object, from the number of containers on a cargo ship in Montreal to the resting heart rates and gaze traces of dock supervisors in Shenzhen.

Real-Life Smart Contract Oracle

A scientifically and computationally verifiable oracle so your smart contracts will only execute according to real-life terms and conditions, regardless of time or distance and with no need for third-party intermediaries.

Cutting-edge Technology

Authentic, Real-Time Single-Source-of-Truth

Our P2P computer vision software client can create arbitrarily precise, live simulations of any physical environment no matter its size or complexity.

  • Each client generates binary addresses that index and track all the relevant objects it sees.
  • This globally distributed network collates this information from any number of cameras.
  • And teaches itself the correct relationships across all object-events, regardless of human intervention
  • Gaining intelligence with each new block of addresses.

Its API gives you a cryptographically tamper-resistant history of all environments. Which lets your algorithms jump across space and time and reveals the logistics of every operation by its emulation of all the people* and objects involved.

*Biological features that indicate individual identity can be blocked on private (indoor) Grassland networks to comply with regional privacy laws.

Analytics for the Physical World

Understand how environmental cues influence human behaviour to optimize user experience.

Unlock new revenue with clear insights into the customer journey and conversions.

"...there is nothing that Grassland can’t track. People, cars, diseases; you name it, it can track it."

Joshua Gans - Professor, University of Toronto; author, Prediction Machines and The Pandemic Information Gap

Grassland's decentralised computer vision network gains more intelligence from exposure to volatility and attacks than from anything else. This allows your control systems to not just survive conditions that would destabilize other organizations but to thrive in them.

  • Cyberattacks confirm not just the area perpetrators want to censor but its price signal from the total computation they expend in any attack.
  • Environmental catastrophes show latent natural processes and emergency response systems.
  • And sociopolitical volatility reveals otherwise hidden geopolitical forces and methods.

This data helps nodes find optimal territory expansion strategies. They "wargame" together through millions of outcomes per second to find the most cost effective deployment that gives you complete situational awareness w.r.t. a building, street, neighbourhood, city, etc.

This ability to regulate their own expansion lets nodes systematically overwhelm any opposition while predicting their behaviour.

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