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Instant Smart Cities

Make your real estate management systems completely autonomous with decentralised computer vision

Turn billions of ordinary things into live digital twins with real-time video scanning software

Any Digital Camera

From old cell phones to new satellite cameras, our software client is compatible with most digital video stream formats. No additional or special hardware is required.

Worldwide Control

Write 'Policy as Code' and let your control systems autonomously manage the slightest visible change in any object, from the number of containers on a cargo ship in Montreal to the resting heart rates and gaze traces of dock supervisors in Shenzhen.

Real-World Smart Contract Oracle

Use Grassland as a scientifically and computationally verifiable source of truth for smart contracts. Ensuring that they execute according to their real-life terms and conditions regardless of time or distance, with no need for a third-party intermediary.

Cutting-edge Technology

Analytics for thePhysical World

Our P2P computer vision software can create arbitrarily precise, live simulations of real-life environments regardless of size or complexity. And its metrics let you find and maximize the KPI's that inform the value of every surface, treating every sq. ft. like a financial security.

  • Each software client generates binary addresses that index and track every relevant object it sees.
  • This globally distributed system collates analytics in real-time for every object-event across any number of cameras worldwide.
  • And it teaches itself the correct relationships across all object-events regardless of human intervention.
  • Gaining intelligence with each new block of addresses.

While its API provides your systems with a cryptographically tamper-resistant history of its entire environment, letting them jump across space and time. And it reveals the positions and movements of every person and object, showing your systems how tasks are accomplished by emulating the people simulated* inside it.

*The biological/cultural signals humans evolved/use for individual identity or tribe membership are ignored. It's noise to a system that imitates how people solve problems from how they open doors to how they organize themselves and their resources to achieve long-term goals.

"...there is nothing that Grassland can’t track. People, cars, diseases; you name it, it can track it."

Joshua Gans - Professor, University of Toronto; author, Prediction Machines and The Pandemic Information Gap

The Grassland P2P network gets smarter from exposure to volatility and attacks than from anything else. This allows your controls and analytics to not just survive in circumstances that would destabilize other organizations but to thrive in them.

  • Cyberattacks confirm not just the area(s) perpetrators want to censor but its price signal, the total computation they expend in their attacks.
  • Environmental catastrophes showcase latent natural processes and the corresponding disaster management systems.
  • And sociopolitical volatility reveals otherwise hidden geopolitical forces, systems and methods to emulate.

This data helps nodes find optimal territory expansion strategies. They "wargame" through millions of possible scenarios per second, converging on the most cost effective deployment that provides complete situational awareness w.r.t. a building, street, neighbourhood, city, etc.

This ability to plan and oversee their expansion lets nodes systematically exhaust and surround their opposition while predicting* their behaviour.

*Up to and including support for preemptive, optical and thermal ordinance detection, tracking and guidance for autonomous defence. See documentation for computation of Nash equilibria.

One Public Network. Many Private Networks

The public network indexes object-events in the spaces that aren't inside of any building, e.g. anything that's visible to satellite cameras.

But private network index object-events in the spaces that are inside buildings. These enterprise SaaS systems are customizable in ways that service specific types of needs..

Pull, Not Push: They pull in and use data from the public network but they can't push data to the public network.

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Autonomous Mobile Robotic Navigation

Provide your autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with complete situational awareness. Grassland's decentralised computer vision system provides Distributed SLAM (Simulataneous Location and Mapping) for everything in the area. This allows them to see the entire property and the paths of every moving thing, people or machines, all at once so they can accurately predict the best path to take.

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